Special Note for all Byers.

  • Updated Available Products Daily at 12.00 AM
  • Free shipping valid for Subtotal over than ¥12,000/- orders. Lower than ¥12,000/- orders we adding shipping fees manually. Please read this for more information. [Shipping Fees]
  • Maximum weight 28kg for free delivery. Please read this for more information. [Shipping Fees]
  • For all Frozen Delivery we are adding a shipping fee (¥350/-) to the total price and deliver as like a Frozen Delivery (It means your order not valid free shipping). So before going to add frozen products to your order please be careful.   Max Package Size is 19kg  Please read this for more information. [Frozen Delivery]
  • Product prices are subject to change without prior notice. (Because suppliers change time to time price)
  • *Please fill in all details in English. (Name & Address)
  • කරුණාකර සියලු විස්තර ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන් පුරවන්න.. (නම සහ ලිපිනය)
  • *Please fill in the Address & Phone Number Properly.
  • *කරුණාකර ලිපිනය සහ දුරකථන අංකය නිසි ලෙස පුරවන්න.
  • Please note that delivery times may be subject to delay based on our current stock availability.

Payment Method

Cash on Delivery (COD)
PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT TO – Yamato Transport Service or Sagawa Express, To Delivered Person.


Delivery Schedule Info

  • Same-day delivery is not available.
  • Please note that delivery times may be subject to delay based on our current stock availability.
  • Order before 07.00 am to get delivery the next day.
  • Ordering after 07.00 am next day delivery will not be available.
    (Non-Delivery Days: Our Scheduled Breaks and Holidays are displayed on the Available Products page)
    *All orders will be delivered every day from 07.00 am to 12.00 pm.

Shipping Fees

🌟 AXD Gorilla Delivery and Shipping Information 🌟

Free Delivery Offer for Orders Over ¥12,000:

  • Dry Items Only: Free delivery for orders over ¥12,000.
  • Dry Items + Rice (1kg to 10kg): Free delivery for orders over ¥12,000.
  • Dry Items + Frozen Items: Free delivery for orders over ¥12,000, with the total order weight including frozen items up to 20kg. 
  • Dry Items + Frozen Items + Rice (1kg to 10kg): Free delivery for orders over ¥12,000, with the total order weight including frozen items up to 20kg.

Flat Rate Shipping Fees for Orders Below ¥12,000:

  • Dry Items: If your order of dry items is less than ¥12,000, a flat shipping fee of ¥1350 will be applied.
  • Dry Items + Frozen Items: For combined orders under ¥12,000, a frozen flat shipping fee of ¥1550 is applicable.

Special Notes on Delivery:

  • The additional frozen shipping charge of ¥350 is applied to the total order cost for frozen orders. (Not for frozen flat rate orders)
  • If your order includes frozen items and exceeds 20kg, please contact us directly for assistance.
  • Due to safety reasons, we cannot deliver EGB cans & cream soda cans with frozen items. Similarly, fresh vegetables are not shipped with frozen items to prevent damage.
  • We offer a flat rate shipping fee for small quantities, and we may reduce the shipping fee depending on the size of the order.

We hope this clarifies our delivery and shipping policy. For any questions, or to discuss your order, please reach out to our customer service. We’re here to help!

Thank you for shopping with Gorilla, where we are committed to being with you every step of the way.

Examples of Frozen Items:-
(Lemongrass (සේර), Rampe (රම්පේ), Fresh Curry Leaves (කරපිංචා), Green Chilli Frozen (අමු මිරිස්), Fresh Coconut Fine (නැවුම් පොල්), Paratha (පරාටා), Chapathy (චපාති), more…)

How many days take to deliver your place?

  • Within 500km
    Normal items 1 day
    Frozen items 2 days
  • Over than 500km
    Normal items 2 days
    Frozen items 3 days

*All distances are calculated from Abiko station.

How to order?

Steps to order

Order from our website



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  • You can see subtotal in the green circle.


  • Click the cart button or click the green circle showing subtotal to redirect the cart page.
  • On this page, you can do increase quantity, apply Coupon code, check order


  • Click [PROCEED TO CHECKOUT] Button


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  • After fill details please Click [PLACE ORDER]


  • Everything is done, on the next page, you can see your order details.


  • Home Delivery

Manually send orders to us

You can check our list from here

Send everything in English

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2nd – Delivery Date and Time

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3rd – Your Items list

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Supun Dilshan
080 1234 5678
[email protected]

Chiba ken, Abiko shi,
Tsukushino 5-12-9
Leo Palace Hope 206

16:00 to 18:00

Cloves (කරාබු නැටි) 50g x 2
Curry Leave (කරපිංචා) 25g x 1
Curry Powder (අමු තුනපහ) 1kg x 1
Dried Red Chillies (වියලි මිරිස් කරල්) 80g x 3
Dhal Maisoor (මයිසූර් පරිප්පු) 3kg x 2